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Since the mid 1930s EMR has been producing field coils for elevator motors and elevator brake coils for Gearless and Geared equipment.

  • Computerized winding machine that is programmed to reproduce a variety of OEM AC and DC coils.
  • The use of a manual winding machine allows us to remanufacture unique or small coils.
  • Brake coils that are normally kept in stock are:
    • Otis J, HT and 200 series
    • Westinghouse G series
    • Dover, Fujitec and Armor

We have the manufactures prints for the majority of Westinghouse field coils and Otis field coils for gearless equipment, for those coils that we do not have prints on we require one intact coil to reference. To produce a complete set of field coils from start to finish and palletized for shipment generally takes four working days.

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