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Motor Analysis Testing & Health (MATH)™

MATH is recommended to evaluate the condition of DC gearless machines before the modernization begins, the results can assist the consultant, building owner & elevator contractor in planning their course of action. MATH can also be used for general testing or to identify issues that are occurring in a machine.

  • Detailed observation of the motor as it operates; record how the motor performs, measure voltage & amperes on up & down runs on the fields & armature.
  • Disconnect motor from controller.
  • Inspect brush assembly, brush face, condition of wiring, insulation, isolators, air gap, and oil & carbon contamination.
  • Using a electronic Megohmmeter check resistance to ground on:
    • Field Coils
    • Interpoles
    • Armature
    • Brake Coil(s)
    • Brush Assembly
  • Using 120vac, drop test the field coils, measure Ohm values & inductance of each field coil.
  • Perform a Bar to Bar test on the commutator to measure Inductance & Impedance throughout the armature.
  • Customer will receive a detailed report compiled from the recorded results while testing & observing each machine with recommendations.

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